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Dale R. "Zai" Fox, Ph.D.



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Rogers Cadenhead, Teach Yourself FrontPage 2000 in 24 Hours, SAMS Publishing, 1999.


Build a Personal Web and Corporate Web



Weekly Topic Coverage


Week 1

Starting WebPage Development with FrontPage
Formatting Text

Week 2

Inserting Graphics in a Web With FrontPage
Some Basic Graphics with ImageReady

Week 3

More About Web Layout: Lists and Tables
Publishing a Web Using FTP or FrontPage

Week 4 Some Background on HTML
Creating Web Pages Using HTML

Finishing Your Personal Web

Week 5 An Example Corporate Web
Looking Over the ACME Corporate Web

Developing a Corporate Web
Some Background on Developing a Corporate Web
Developing a Mission Statement Page

Week 6 Developing the Index Page
Modifying the Feedback Page
Week 7 Developing the Products Page
Developing Individual Product Pages
Week 8 Developing the Services Page
Developing Individual Services Pages
Week 9 Table of Contents
News and Current Events
Week 10 Searching the Web
Finishing Your Corporate Web
Week 11  
Week 12  
Week 13  
Week 14  



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