Developing the News Page


Some Background.  Developing the News page will not be much different than developing our other pages.  We need to start working on, news.htm.  This page coordinates access to all of the press releases. 

You are likely to want to keep using the image called ACMEBack.jpg for the news pages and press releases.  Though you could use something else or create one of your own.

You need to make sure and change the fonts to Avant Garde Md BT.  You can size, arrange and bold them as you see fit.

I have developed the page for just two press releases so you can see the approach.

The page will probably look something like the following.



Notice how each of the press releases is dated and the title is used as the link.

You can retype the links or put new ones in after you've created the press release pages.

Developing the Press Releases.  Now we will develop each of the press release pages.  The following table contains the page names and their basic content.  You need to make sure you format the content as you put it into the web.


Page Name Titles Content

Profits Rise Slowly

Earnings Reports Show Reasons for Optimism

May 5, 2001 -- While corporate earnings are lower than they were a decade ago, they still are showing a relative increase.  Profits are up to 3.3% from 2.2% last quarter.  This is largely attributed to cost cutting efforts from the new corporate president, Stefan Schpeelburg.  All of this comes on the wake of claims that Mr. Schpeelburg is inadequately looney tunes to run a company like ACME.  An excerpt from a statement by Mr. Schpeelburg says, "We like to think that a mixture of whimsy and wit are very important for corporate gains, but we never lose sight of the bottom line.  Claims that the extent of my desire to be in charge is proof that I am too dangerous to be in charge are entirely unfounded."

Free Wile E.

The Committee to Free Wile E. Coyote has Some Success


April 21, 2001 -- Wile E. Coyote was freed yesterday afternoon based on lack of evidence.  The claims made by the Total Vegan League that Mr. Coyote is a vicious predator and that all of society needs to be protected from him were dismissed.  In a succinct and problematically insightful statement the judge said, "There has never been an iota of evidence that Mr. Coyote has been a threat to any human being.   Anyone that finds Mr. Coyote to be threatening must be extremely helpless.  The court could find absolutely no evidence that anyone should think this poor animal is intelligent enough to trouble anyone of the human species."


As an example, an image representing the page for the press release about Wile E. Coyote follows.