Developing a Page for the Mission Statement


Some Background. Now we want to start developing some of the pages.  We will start with things that are simpler and work our way up to things that are more complicated.

In the last page we presented the mission statement.  Now we want to create a page that contains it.

The first thing you need to do is create a new page called mission.htm.  It should have pretty standard format which we want to somewhat override.

The Logo and Background Image.  Now I am going to display some useful images related to our ACME Corp web.  You can right click on these and copy them into your web in order to use them.  Obviously, you can create your own images, but I have included these so that we can focus on other issues.

First, the company logo.



I have created this using a transparent background so that it will work on any of the backgrounds in our web.  I have also created another logo that has a windswept look.


Now you are also going to need some sort of background image.  This image was created in ImageReady so that it would tile without the edges being obvious.



It was also made to be fairly light so that most any sort of type will be readily readable over it.

Using These Images.  Now you should be able to copy these into your TrialWeb and put them into your mission.htm.  Formatting the background to use this image, and inserting the logo should give you an image that looks something like the following.

You need to make sure you place the ACMECorpLogo.gif in the common header or top border of the page so that it will appear like this in all of your pages.

The bottom part about copyrights and contact information should be in the common footer or bottom border section and should appear according to what you entered in the development wizard.




To complete this you need to copy in the mission statement.  You want to make sure you do not copy this into the common left border so that it appears only on this page and not in all of the other web pages in the web.  I used the Avant Garde font since we are such an Avant Garde company.

Mission Statement

 ACME Products have been developed for the serious genius or mastermind in pursuit of that special someone.  With our products, the buyer can never go wrong!  While our customers expect to part with some serious cash our quality and performance have never been questioned.


Again, make sure you have saved all of the images and borders appropriately in the current web You also want to make sure you save this page as mission.htm.  We will develop the links to it in future web pages.