Dale R. "Zai" Fox, Ph.D.


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Office Hours:
0:00 - 0:00 PM Monday, Wednesday
or by appointment



Undergrad Courses
Networking and Security Courses
IT 251 Client and Server Repair, Configuration and Installation
IT 252 Computer Networking Infrastructure
IT 253 Wireless Computing and Communications
IT 351 Network and System Security
IT 352 Linux Based Network and System Administration
IT 353 Windows Based Network and System Administration
IT 451 Network Design and Implementation
Database Courses
IT 311 Design and Implementation of Client Databases
IT 312 Design and Implementation of Server Databases

Web Application Development Courses

IT 381

Client Side Web Development
JavaScript Approach

IT 382

ECommerce Implementation using PHP and MySQL

ECommerce Implementation using ASPs and SQL Server

IT 383

Web Databases with PHP and MySQL

Web Databases with JSP and MySQL

Web Databases with ASPs and SQL Server

Java Courses
IT 391 Client Side Web Application Development using Java
IT 392 Server Side Web Application Development using Java
IT 393 Computer Graphics Using Java
IT 394 Java Networking and Security
MBA Semester Courses
CIS 601 Information Systems for Management Planning & Control
CIS 688 Web Development Using FrontPage
CIS 689 Advanced Excel with Visual Basic
with emphasis on Financial and Accounting Models
CIS 689 Advanced Access with Visual Basic



Grad Semester Courses
IT 651   Security from Pathogens
includes viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, rootkits
IT 652    



Graduate Semimester Courses
CIS 643 Managing the Telecommunications Resource
CIS 661 E-Commerce Management



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