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Dale R. "Zai" Fox, Ph.D.



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Limoncelli and Hogan, The Practice of System and Network Administration, Addison Wesley, 2001.

Important Reference: There are a large variety of books that focus on particular network and server operating systems such as some variant of UNIX or Windows.  I might have also chosen from a selection of books that focus on SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol.  I didn't choose any of these for this course due to their narrower focus.  But if you have a narrower focus there are a lot more options.


Grades will be based on two  projects. 

  • Each project will be worth 50% of your grade.


This course assumes you have some basic background in computer networking.

Description: This course will focus on the administration of networks, servers and services.  We will try to take a broad yet practical view and consider a large variety of issues as shown in the list of weekly topics.  We are also likely to try and make our hands on experience with both Windows and Linux systems.

We are likely to cover about three chapters out of the Limoncelli book each week in lectures.



Weekly Topic Coverage


Week 1


Dealing With Desktops
Dealing With Servers
Developing Services

Week 2

Fixing Things Once
Security Policy

The More Technical Side of Security Policy

Homework 1

Week 3

Disaster Recovery and Data Integrity
Codes of Ethics
Other Ethics Issues

Week 4

Change Management and Revision Control
Server Upgrades
Maintenance Windows
Service Conversions

Week 5

Homework 2

Customer Care

Week 6


Week 7






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