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Laudon & Laudon, Management Information Systems, Prentice Hall

Course Content:

This course will focus on developing the knowledge that a typical MBA in the work force will need to ensure his/her information systems needs are met. A more detailed course outline is contained later in this page.

Instructional Methods:

- Lectures and text readings will be used to explore the historical development and the theories of computer system development.
- Cases will provide opportunities to exchange ideas, practice communication and analysis skills, and to augment experience.
- A project will permit a more detailed development of information system design principles and their application to planning and control.


Your grades will be determined by your scores on one test, a few cases, a project and class participation.

30% of your grade is based on the cases. Cases are expected on the date indicated and should resemble executive summaries. They should be word-processed and should address the questions and provide reasons. Regular case studies shouldn't exceed two pages in length. Double case studies shouldn't exceed four pages in length. Cases will be graded based on the reasoning provided, how well they answer the questions, and the degree to which comprehension of the material covered in the preceding chapters is apparent. You are required to turn in the double case studies and your highest grades on two of the remaining case studies will be used to determine the case study portion of your grade. Cases that are late but less than 24 hours late will automatically lose 5 points. Cases that are later than 24 hours will automatically lose 10 points.

30% will be based on your project. A project supplement is provided at the link

Project Supplement

There are two milestones for the project that will help keep you on pace and give you feedback about your progress. In addition I have placed some example cases on reserve in the library for your perusal.

30% of your grade will be based on a test. The test will cover a variety of topics. The course material that will be emphasized most is contained in some additional webpages.


Models and


The remaining 10% of your grade will be based on class participation.

In addition you will want to make sure you look over the following link to keep up with some current issues.

Current Issues



Weekly Topic Coverage

Week 1

Chapter 1: The Information Systems Revolution
Chapter 2: The Strategic Role of Information Systems

Week 2

Chapter 3: Information Systems and Organizations
Chapter 4: Information, Management and Decision Making
Chapter 5: Ethical and Social Impact of Information Systems

Week 3

Chapter 6: Computers and Information Processing
Discussion of Project
Case Study 1: Reinventing Sears, PP65-67 is due

Week 4

Chapter 7: Information Systems Software
Chapter 8: Managing Data Resources

Week 5

Chapters 9 & 10: Communications and the Internet
Handouts for Rapid Printing Case
Case Study 2: The EPA Data Mess, PP256-257 is due

Week 6

Rapid Printing Case with Law School Students

Week 7

Chapters 11 & 12: Building the System
Project Milestone 1 DUE
Some more about the project

Week 8

Chapter 13: Implementation
Chapter 14: Knowledge and Work Management
Case Study 3: Healtheon Healthcare, PP422-423.

Week 9


Week 10

Chapter 15: Enhancing Decision Making
Some more about the project.

Week 11

Chapter 16: Information Systems Security and Control
Project Milestone 2 DUE

Week 12

Chapter 17: Managing International Information Systems
**Double Case Study 4: vs. Barnes & Noble, PP326-329.

Week 13

Chapter 18: Managing Firm Infrastructure and Enterprise Systems
**Double Case Study 5: The Social Security Administration, PP424-431.

Week 14

Projects DUE


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