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Recommended References: Roshan and Leary, 802.11 Wireless LAN Fundamentals, Cisco Press, 2004.

Ganguli, Getting Started with Bluetooth, Premier Press, 2002.

Miller, Discovering Bluetooth, Sybex, 2001.


Grades will be based on homework, labs and projects.  But since the labs don't seem to be forthcoming this will be reduced to just homework and projects. 

In order to receive full credit on any homework assignment it must be turned in on time.  If it is between one and three days late you lose 10 PTS.  If it is more than three days late you lose 20 PTS.

Description: This course will focus on the wireless computing and communications.  I intend this to primarily encompass
  • wireless computing - 802.11 specifications
  • Bluetooth devices
  • wireless telephony
    • some on web based interactions
    • some on VoIP

Finding good sources on these topics isn't as easy as one should expect.  The recommended references seem to be the best that I can find.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find the one or two good references for wireless telephony.


Weekly Topic Coverage


Week 1

Some Wireless Fundamentals

Week 2

Some Background on Antennas
Some Wireless Technologies
Wireless via Radio Frequencies
More on CSMA/CA for Wireless
A Bit about Shannon's Equation
Some Wireless Design

Week 3

Wireless Security
Wireless Security Deeper

WPA - WiFi Protected Access

Some Current Wireless Access Points

Wireless Application Protocol

Some Nonstandard Wireless Devices

Wireless Gadgets and Bluetooth
Wireless Web Enabled Phone Protocols

Week 4


Week 5


Week 6


Week 7

Week 8  
Week 9  
Week 10  
Week 11  
Week 12  
Week 13  
Week 14  




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