Homework 1


(Network Characterization) 1.  For this problem you want to characterize either an entire existing network or a decently sized portion of an existing network.  This will require both diagrams and written descriptions.  You need to make sure you are considering at least the following issues in your characterization.
  • E-Mail Service
  • Internal security issues
  • Routers and/or firewalls to internet
  • LAN Segments (likely to limit these)
  • How packets/frames move between LAN segments
  • Variety of operating systems on network under consideration
  • Backbone if one exists
  • Connectivity to the overall internet
  • Other major issues relating to organization competitiveness
  • Namespaces


(Network Improvement) 2.  Now you want to discuss how this network can or should be improved particularly from an administrative point of view.  You want to keep expenditures on provisions quite low.  This course is more about administrative issues, though you do want to at least present obvious design modifications.


These problem statements will still be revised.
This present discussion is to give you some real sense of where we will be going on the homework.