Homework 1


(Mortgages) 1.  Consider the mortgage situation and the time until you break even on paying points analysis we did.  You should modify this analysis to consider the following.

  1. Rather than put the money towards the points you put it towards the down payment.  How does this influence the time until you break even? 

  2. Now create a new workbook with a spreadsheet that contains all of the inputs and outputs of the Specific Property sheet from the course including the modifications from part a but fix it for 30 year mortgages.  In addition you should make sure to name the appropriate cells and use these names in the formulas.  You also want to work in feedback about the break even ramifications we looked at in part a) for a 30 year mortgage but do it for 15 year mortgage.


(Macros) 2.  Consider the Income Statement Macro we developed for Azulike.  Now we want to add another macro that will cast everything in terms of percentages.  Using percentages has the advantage of making it easier to compare performance between years or different firms.  You want to create a new macro called IncomeStatementPercent with the shortcut key of Ctrl+h (if you have it with Ctrl+p don't change it).  You want to save this macro in its own workbook called IncomeStatement so that it can be easily e-mailed to me.  You want to make sure that your macro does the following things.

  1. Centers the first three rows, the title rows, across columns A, B and C.

  2. Make sure that cell C4 has the same pattern and borders as cells A4 and B4.

  3. Type 1999% in cell C4

  4. Adjust all of the values that will appear in cells C5 ... C15 so that they are a percentage of the Sales in B5.

To solve and turn in the solutions for this problem you are likely to have to use the following steps.

  1. Open a new workbook.

  2. Run the IncomeStatementDev macro on the first spreadsheet.

  3. Fill in the numbers from the end of the webpage Developing an Income Statement Using a Macro.

  4. Now you can develop your new macro and save it to the workbook in which you are working.

  5. Then you can turn in this workbook.

You need to do something like this so that you do not get a lot of errors when developing the macro.