Homework 3


When turning in your assignments you need to do the following

EMail Password (50 PTS) 1.  You need to create the page called email_password_process.php. referred to on the email password page.  This code needs to do the following.
  • obtain the email address entered on email_password.php
  • open a connection to the database
  • query the profile table to find the email address
    • if it finds the email address it should
      • email the password with very little additional info except who is emailing it
    • if it doesn't the processing script should notify the user on the email_password.php page
  • redirect you to either of the following
    • back to the email_password.php page if it can't find your inputted information and give you an error message
    • to a separate page email_password_failed.php where you notify them their attempt failed while still giving them the option to try again.

You are likely to find your own PHP pre-built function(s) to help you.  This setup is an ideal since it minimizes the number of different pages involved.  You should aim for keeping the number of separate pages you need to work this email password section quite small, but you can create more than these pages.

Completing Checkout (50 PTS) 2.  You need to complete the checkout_completed.php to make sure it  does the following.

  • displays the order number at the top
  • displays the order including the basket items and all the totals and subtotals formatted in a table in addition to what we have in the basket.php
  • display the billing information
  • display the shipping information