Downloading the Program

1028 x 768 Pixels


What Size Screen Do I Have?  Before you download this version of the program you want to make sure of the pixel dimensions of your screen, unless you already know them.  The easiest way to determine the pixel dimensions of your screen is to
  1. double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop
  2. double click on the Control Panel icon in the newly opened window
  3. double click on the Display icon in the newly opened window
  4. click on the Settings tab in the dialog window
  5. check the Screen Size area in this dialog to verify the pixel dimensions of your display


Downloading. The Zygar Pharmaceuticals Tag Along Trainer is a computer program that will allow you to learn some of the basic and more important call planning strategies. It will also allow you to work through the walkthrough exercises contained on this web page.

You will want to download all of the programs and their components in a single directory/folder.


After you have downloaded the files you will then execute the setup program which will create the functioning program and place it in the C:\Program Files\WZygar directory/folder.   The setup program will also create an icon and shortcuts to the program so that you shouldn't need to ever be concerned with the actual location of the program again.

There are three files that you want to download by clicking on each of the file names and saving them into the C:\WZygar directory/folder.

File Name




11,200 KB

This CAB file, or Cabinet file contains all of the component/dependency files necessary to run the program on your computer


6 KB

This is a list of the dependent files.  Sometimes this file opens in some sort of text editor rather than saving to a particular location.  If it does then you need to use the file menu and select Save As to save it into the C:\WZygar directory.


138 KB

This is the executable that you will run to actually install the program



Setting Up the Program. Now you need to use Windows Explorer to move to the C:\WZygar directory and double click on the Setup.exe in order to invoke the setup.

After the setup program has run you will have a typical program group and program entry.