Background on the Admin Browser


Introduction.  Now we're going to start working on what I will refer to as the Admin Browser.  We are going to want at least as much functionality as we have for the clients.  But in addition,
  • we need to create some overall security to limit access to the Admin Browser pages

The following table surveys the functionalities we want.  It is a redisplay of something we looked at earlier.


Capability Users Administrative
Display Users Likely to be restricted in some way Display everything about users
Add a User Add only themselves Add anyone
Delete a User Delete only themselves Delete anyone
Modify a User Modify only themselves Modify anyone
Find a User   Find anyone
  • Browse all entries

  • Display current record location and total number of entries


There are a couple other things we want to make sure we have.
  • rather than returning to a homepage we want to have push button capabilities to provide all of these functionalities all on one page as much as possible

These requirements will result in a significantly different organization of the functionalities in the code.  Due to this we will sequence our web pages in a way to keep augmenting a currently functioning Admin Browser.