Homework 4


Find Other Things (50 PTS) 1.  You should enhance the find capabilities in our Admin Browser by placing a select/option box next to the find button so the admin can decide whether they want to do their LIKE search based on
  • first name
  • last name
  • e-mail address

Find Next (50 PTS) 2.  We just modified our find capabilities to our Admin Browser to be based on the last name, first name or e-mail address.  But what if these inputs occur more than once?  You need to modify the admin_browser.php to make certain that the find button finds the next occurrence of a these (depending on what is selected in the select/option box above) every time it is pressed.

  • for example, you are going to need to distinguish whether the same last name was just entered or whether it is a new first name and you want to find the first occurrence