Homework 1


Create an Index Page (33 PTS) 1.  Create an index.html page for your PHP web so that when someone goes to this directory it loads up as the default.  You also want to make sure that it has current links to
  • at least five of the problems we have worked in class
  • all of your homework problems

You are going to want to make sure you keep this up to date throughout the semester, particularly for when you turn in homework solutions.

Forms (33 PTS) 2.  Create a form on a page called GetInfo.php to get the following pieces of information from a student at Quinnipiac and feed it back to them on another webpage called YourReply.php.

  • their student number
  • their school (use a list box)
  • whether they have interests in sports, e-commerce, music and/or movies.
  • whether they live on-campus or off-campus

Calculator (33 PTS) 2.  Create a simple calculator that takes inputs from two different text boxes on a page called Calculate.html.  When the user presses the submit button you want to give appropriate feedback about their inputs and results and tell the user

  • the sum of these two numbers
    • to two decimal places
  • their difference
    • to two decimal places
  • their product
    • to three decimal places
  • their quotient
    • to four decimal places