Domain Configuration


Introduction.  Since you are each going to develop this ecommerce site you need to have a place to host it.  We will all be hosting it on some space I have purchased on  Since this is a UNIX server you need to be careful about several things, but this won't cause more than some temporary glitches.

For the domain configuration aspects of this course you need to do everything in lower case!

  1. You need to register a domain at some place that does it sufficiently inexpensively for your tastes.
  2. You need to point the nameservers to

  3. You need to supply me a password to be used for your web that as all lower case letters with possibly some numbers thrown in.
  4. Your username for your web will be yourlastnameweb.
  5. We will then work through how you should FTP to the site.
    • HTML will go inside of a folder/directory called public_html