Homework 3


(35 PTS) IAIS 1.  Consider the IAIS case.  You need to design a wireless network that does at least the following.
  1. Deals with three major types of uses
  • administrative/employee uses
  • exhibits
  • visitor uses
  1. They also intermittently host small archaeological and/or educator conferences with about 50 or so attendees.
  2. Currently they are getting a small business cable connection into their research building.
  • 1Mbps download, 384 kbps upload
  • there is some conduit already available underground between the buildings but it will require new wiring if you choose to take this route
  1. All of their hosting is done offsite.  They provide the following services.
  • email
  • website
  • web databases
    • archaeological
    • membership
  1. administrative services are actually done on a single PC and should be moved to be web based
  2. diagrams are important



(65 PTS) Hawk Wing Saitu 2.  You should base this on the Hawk Wing Saitu case.  You need to make sure to follow the case and provide at least the following.
  1. Develop specs and estimates with both a
    1. 1Gbps fiber optic backbone with appropriate devices
    2. 10 Gbps fiber optic backbone with appropriate devices
  2. Make sure you provide 1Gbps wire connections to the desktop
  3. wireless will be use mostly for more casual access and all the warrior/healers will have their own wireless phones
  4. diagrams are important