Homework 3


Both of these problems should be done in a small group with a maximum of two people, though you can do these by yourself.  You want your write ups to be a couple pages for each problem.  Succinctness is important, and you're likely to want to number your responses to coincide with the questions.  But try to use complete sentences when reasonable.


(40 PTS) 1.  We have to work this out in class so that we won't get duplicate efforts, but you will be expected to do the following.  You need to focus on the networking infrastructure aspect of these businesses.

  • Choose a particular public corporation for your group
    • Cisco
    • 3Com
    • Proxim
    • JuniperNetworks
    • Netgear
    • Nortel
    • Alcatel
    • Avaya
    • Asante
    • HP
    • QWest
    • DLink
    • these additional corporations are of interest but a bit difficult to work with because their info is not reported separately
      • Linksys
    • these additional corporations are privately owned and you can't really access much if any information
  • Choose a particular wireless network device
    • wireless bridge
    • wireless access point
  • You can also work on Cisco wire based routers.

Collect information on one product for each person in your group.  Remember, these firms all have a variety of products that provide particular network device capabilities.

  • Create a two paragraph discussion on each product
  • Create a summary table with important identifiers and characteristics.

(60 PTS) 2.  Choose one of the following infrastructure companies, or suggest another for approval.  Again, you need to get approval to ensure groups don't duplicate companies.

  • Cisco
  • Nortel
  • AT&T
  • 3 Com
  • Qwest
  • GTE
  • WorldCom
  • Ameritech
  • Asante
  • Avaya
  • Sprint
  • Linksys
  • DLink

Prepare a 10 - 12 slide PowerPoint presentation addressing at least the following issues

  • the firm's products particularly relating to internet infrastructure
  • a brief description of their overall strategy
  • major competitors
  • what this firm does to compete relative to these competitors
  • last years sales, profits and trends
  • where you and analysts see them going in the future
  • why you would or wouldn't invest in the firm (assuming you can/if you could)

These presentations will be graded by other people in the class.