Homework 4


Validate a Telephone Number (33PTS)  1. You need to develop a ValidatePhone.html page that will validate whether a number entered in a text box fits the form ###-###-####.  You are going to want to treat this fairly analogously to what we did with validating social security numbers in class. 

A State Textbox (33PTS)  2. You need to develop a State.html page that will pre-validate whether a a two letter abbreviation satisfies/forces the following criteria.

  • anything other than letters can not be entered
  • only a maximum of two letters can be entered
  • any letters that are entered will automatically be changed to uppercase
  • is a New England state
    • Connecticut
    • Maine
    • Massachusetts
    • New Hampshire
    • Rhode Island
    • Vermont

Considering this is the end of the semester I am going to modify this problem slightly.

  • you only need to get this problem to work in recent browser versions
  • you are likely to need to use something like the onKeyPress or onKeyUp event

Create a Menu/SubMenu System (33 pts)  3. You need to develop an MenuSubMenu.html page that works in both Netscape and Internet Explorer based on the following criteria.  You can separate the pages if oyu want, though it is better to merge them into one.

  • you want to use a sort of left side image to work from
  • you want to make sure you have at least two linking options in each menu/submenu that appears.
  • you want to make sure that at least one of the items in a menu that appears has a functioning popup submenu that appears on mouseOver and disappears appropriately when not in use.