Homework 3


Calculate the Total (60PTS)  1. Consider yourself to be the webmaster for a site advertising crafts classes.  People can enroll in the classes at some cost.  They can also purchase a membership which impacts the cost.

The following is based on a form that I put into the web for registering students for summer camps.  Making use of the form on the HW3Layouts.htm page you need to do the following.

  • make certain you calculate the totals in either the member or nonmember columns depending on which classes they select
    • make certain it recalculates each time they select or deselect a check box
    • make certain the calculations are based on
      • whether they are currently a member
      • paying for membership with the application
  • make certain you use the control names (textboxes and others) that I've used on the form

Create a Count Down Timer (40 pts)  2.  Create a web page that displays a count down timer that counts from 10 down to zero.  Make sure you display the numbers in a sufficiently viewable size.  Create a button that says Start the Countdown so that when it is pressed the display counts down one number each second.  You do not want to give the user a way to stop the countdown. 

When the display reaches zero you want the program to do the StrobeColor.html, but change color every only once every second.  Call the page CountDown.html.