Homework 1


  • Make sure to send me the links to your homework solutions within an e-mail! 
  • You also need to make sure your solutions work in both Internet Explorer and Netscape.

Index Page (33PTS)  1. You need to develop an Index.html page for your web in this course.  You want it to contain links to your homework solutions, so that you can include the link to this page when you submit your homework solutions.  You also want it to contain links to all of the pages we have developed in the course so far.

Month of the Year (33 pts)  2. What you need to do is create an HTML page called MonthOfTheYear.html.  In this page you need to center today's date only - for example, the result should look like

Today's date is October 26

You want to make sure you use a font size of 5.  While your grade doesn't depend on the specific formatting/coloring, unless you fail to do it, make sure the result is interesting to look at and easy to read.

I Can See Myself (33 pts)  3. Create an HTML page called SeeYourself.html.  In this page you need to have an image appear with a link underneath it that says, "Reveal Your Inner Beauty".  Then when a user clicks on the link an image should appear that truly reveals their inner beauty.  You need to make use of an image swap rather than just linking to another page.