Homework 3


Numeric Inputs/Outputs (40 PTS) 1.  Modify the yourlastname_user_registration table and add a column for annual_salary.  You also need to modify the forms and processing pages for the client side scripts in the User Registration site to account for this additional input.


Discussion Web (60 PTS) 2.  You need to create the capability for registered users to post comments to a running discussion.  You should call the form to gain access discussion_access.html that requires the user to input their

  • email address and password
    • these should be used to validate they are a registered user before allowing them to post their entries and view the discussion
  • give them space in a textarea to write their comments
    • these comments as well as their email address and the date and time need to be written to a new table called discussion_space.

After validating these inputs in a page called discussant_validation.jsp, this page writes the inputs to the discussion_space table.  Then this page calls another page which posts its results to a form called discussion_page.jsp that will

  • display their e-mail address
  • display the current date and time (omit this since we didn't do enough with dates/times)
  • display the comments/discussion that they entered

You want to make sure that only the ten most recent comments are displayed.