Background on the Final


The Final. 
  • The final exam will be entirely on paper.
  • The final should take somewhat less than 1.5 hours so we can still have time for you to work on homework and get help after the test.
  • The final will consist entirely of
    • true-false
    • multiple choice
    • short answer
  • The final will cover weeks 1 through 6 of the website.  I do not feel I can test you on week 7 since you will not have enough time to assimilate and work through it.
  • You are expected to bring a single 8" x 11" sheet of paper with whatever you want on the front and back.
  • There will not be any debugging problems.
    • But there will be problems where I have correct code segments and expect you to tell me what they do.
    • I sincerely think trying to teach in this 8 week format really is too difficult at least for me.  There is no way, with the little amount of time you have for assimilating what we've covered I can expect you to be able to debug in a test format.  Though, I obviously expect it on homework.