Homework 3


(Accessing Sheets Though Forms) (70 PTS) 1.  You want to modify the frmTournament form to do two things.

a.  Make sure that when he form first opens up it displays the current "record" from the first row of the data.

b.  Put in a Modify command button that allows you to modify the entry on the screen and pressing this button will allow you to change the current entry in your data.  When you type it on the screen as the form is now set up you only change the screen, not the underlying data.


(Pivot Tables) (30 PTS) 2. A professor at Quinnipiac teaches a required course that many students dread.  They sometimes put it off until their senior year.  The professor is curious about whether the student's class and major show up as influential in their final grades.  He has created the following data source to be put into a spreadsheet so that you can use a PivotTable to examine the influence that a student's class rank and major have on their overall average.  The following image contains the information you need to copy and use.