Wild Willie's Store Home Page


Introduction.  Having created the Header.asp and Footer.asp our next effort will be quite simple.  The following is the code for Default.asp.  You need to copy this and upload it to your WildWillies directory.


<%@ Language=VBScript %>
<!-- Default.asp - Home page for the store and provides a welcome message. -->

<!-- #include file="include/header.asp" -->

<!-- Opening screen text --> 
Welcome to <font color="blue"><B>Wild Willie's CRAZY CD</b></font> store! We have some 
of the wildest CDs that not even the biggest of the CD stores have. <br><br>

Select departments on the left to start your shopping experience! 

<!-- #include file="include/footer.asp" -->




Notice the #includes for the Header.asp and Footer.asp and the path.  If you upload this Default.htm into the WildWillies directory and upload the concomitant files such as Header.asp and Footer.asp into the Include subdirectory on the web you should see the following when you go to the page.