Managing Each Department in the Store Manager


Introduction.  Now we really on managing each department.  This interface is more sophisticated because of the variety of things you need to be able to do with each department.  Remember, with the ListDepts.asp we were setting up options for "grosser" operations on departments, adding products, listing them out.  Even when we wanted to add a product we needed to create a more specialized interface in NewDeptt.asp.  Now we will focus on what needs to be done to manage each department that might be selected by the user. 

The following table gives the ASP and single stored procedure we will develop in this page.


Stored Procedure ASP Container





The Stored Procedures.  First we present the stored procedure.  Remember, you do not need to implement the stored procedures, this is to illustrate what you would need to do if you had the correct permissions in your database.

The sp_RetrieveDept uses a SELECT command to retrieve all of the information about a specific department in the Department table.  This was developed when we developed the Products.asp for the store.

The ManageDept.asp.  This is essentially a form page to allow you to interact with other processing scripts to perform the modifications.  You need to save this file and upload it to your StoreManager subdirectory.  This ASP will do the following.

  1. It uses the validatecheck.asp include to make sure the user didn't try to circumvent the security
  2. It then uses the navinclude.asp to create the common navigation at the top of each page in the store manager.
  3. The next section of code gives the manager a link with the option to Preview how this department's page actually looks in the store.
  4. The link just below it links to DeleteDept.asp which will delete the department.
  5. The next section of code creates a form that submits to UpdateDept.asp in order to update the field entries of the product.
    1. chrDeptName
    2. txtDeptDesc
    3. chrDeptImage

Call the file ManageDept.asp.

<%@ Language=VBScript %>
<!-- #Include file="include/validatecheck.asp" -->
<!-- ManageDept.asp - Handles the management of the the
department and allows the shopper to update the data. -->

<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0">

<!-- #Include file="include/navinclude.asp" -->


' Create an ADO database connection
set dbDept = server.createobject("adodb.connection")

' Create the record set
set rsDept = server.CreateObject("adodb.recordset")

' Open the connection using our SQL Server DSN-less connection
dbDept.ConnectionString="Driver={SQL Server};;" & _
"Database=WildWillies;UID=cis; PWD=csatqu"


' The retrieve sp_RetrieveDept stored procedure to
' retrieve the data on the specified departments.

sql = "execute sp_RetrieveDept " & request("idDepartment")

' Execute the statement
set rsDept = dbDept.Execute(sql)


<!-- The form is created to post the changes -->
<form method="post" action="UpdateDept.asp">

<!-- Start the table to display the product data -->
<table cellpadding="3" cellspacing="3">
<td>Preview Department:</td>
<!-- Build a link to the products.asp page
in the live store. The id of the department
is passed into the page. This will provide a
quick preview of the department. -->

<a href="../products.asp?idDept=<%=request("idDepartment")%>">Preview</a>
<td>Delete Department:</td>
<!-- A link is built to the DeleteDept.asp page. The id
of the department is sent into the page. -->

<td><a href="DeleteDept.asp?idDepartment=<%=request("idDepartment")%>">
<!-- Build a buffer between this section and the next -->
<td colspan="2"><hr></td>
<td>Department ID</td>
<!-- The ID of the department is displayed. It is not
allowed to be edited since it is set. -->

<input type="hidden" 
value="<%=rsDept("idDepartment")%>" name="idDepartment">
<!-- Edit department name. -->
<td>Department Name</td>
<td><input type="text" 
value="<%=rsDept("chrDeptName")%>" name="chrDeptName"</td>
<!-- Edit department description in a text box. -->
<td>Department Description</td>
<td><textarea name="txtDeptDesc" cols="40" rows="5"><%=rsDept("txtDeptDesc")%></textarea></td>
<!-- Edit department image. Note the image is displayed
next to the image file name. -->

<td>Department Image</td>
<td><input type="text" value="<%=rsDept("chrDeptImage")%>" 
<img src="../images/<%=rsDept("chrDeptImage")%>" 
<!-- Submit button for the form. -->
<td colspan="2"><input type="Submit" 
value="Update Department" name="Submit"></td>




After you upload this ASP and access it in your web, probably by clicking on the Joe Bob's Thimble Sounds link you should see something like the following.  Notice you need to scroll in order to get access all parts of this form.



Notice the extra options available on this page.
  • Preview - which is already enabled
  • Update Department - after modifying some basic information - which we have yet to implement
  • Delete - delete the department connection to this product - yet to be implemented