The Overall Design for the Store Manager


Introduction.  Now we are going to work on developing the store management side of the web.  Think about our e-commerce site and all the things you need to do in order to make sure the web is up to date.  For example,
  • Add, delete or modify the products
    • attributes - color, sizes
    • price
    • descriptions
  • Add, delete or modify the departments
  • Add, delete or modify department/product relationships
  • Adjust tax rates for particular locations
  • Adjust shipping rates for particular locations
  • Track orders and modify them
  • Data mining
  • Manage inventories

Obviously, this bullet list can go on and on.  So a web store administrator's job is never ending!

Departments and Products.  This section is about the features that relate to department and product management.  The following diagram displays the major required features and organizes them somewhat.  These features will correspond pretty closely to the ASPs that we develop.



The following table lists the desired functionalities we want in our store manager and gives a brief description for each of them.


Functionality Description
Administrative Login Provides login security for the store manager
Add Product Adds a new product into the store
Product Listing Lists products in the database
Product Search Searches for products in the database
Product Deletion Deletes a product from the database
Product Update Updates the product data
Product Attribute Management Adds, updates and deletes product attributed
Department Listing Lists departments in the database
Department Update Updates the department data
Add Department Adds a new department to the database
Product/Department Relationship Adds, updates and deletes product/department relationships
Manage Taxes Add, update and delete tax rates
Manage Shipping Add, update and delete shipping rates
Order Search Searches for orders
Managing Orders Add, update, delete and review current orders


Since this is a course in developing e-commerce webs rather than talking about them that is what we will do next.