Homework 3


Upgrading the Confirmation Page (50 PTS) 1.  Before you abandon the session in the Confirmed.asp you should echo back to the shopper what they've purchased.  That is, tell them each item name, quantity and the amount of money they've spent on each type of item.  You should also echo their name, their subtotal, tax, shipping and the total amount that has been charged to their card.  Suggest that they print out this page.

Cleaning Up EmailPassword.asp (50 PTS) 2. The EmailPassword.asp is more than adequate if the user enters an e-mail address that is within the database.  But what if they don't?  Modify the ASP to account for

  • Give feedback to a user that the e-mail address isn't in the database and give them the opportunity to try again.
  • After they have tried three times and failed, let them know.