Homework 2


Display Northwind Info (33 PTS) 1.  You need to display the following entries from the Suppliers table in the Northwind database in a table

SupplierID - integer
CompanyName - text field
ContactName - text field
Phone - text field

Order them by company name.

Display Northwind Info (34 PTS) 2. Then you want to create a form that allows a user to input a UnitPrice value.  You want to take the user's input and modify the underlying query to display only those Product items that cost less than the user's input.  You want to display the following fields like we did in our earlier examples with the Products table.

ProductID - integer
ProductName - text field
UnitPrice - numeric field
UnitsInStock - numeric field


Check Efforts to Login (33 PTS) 3.  Now you want to create some web pages that will allow you to add determine how many times a user tries to login to your web site and give them appropriate feedback.  If their third attempt fails then you need to redirect them to a page that displays each of the passwords they tried to enter and tell them some information about their computer