Homework 1


Create an Index Page (33 PTS) 1.  Create an index.htm page for your ASP web so that when someone goes to your ASP directory it loads up as the default.  You also want to make sure that it has current links to your homework solutions, for when you turn them in, and several of the examples we have worked in class.

Time of Day (33 PTS) 2.  Modify the TimeOfDay.asp to tell the user whether it is morning, afternoon or night.  Let's say morning is just after 4 AM to just before 12 Noon, afternoon is 12 Noon to just before 6 PM and night is 6 PM until 4AM.  You should also modify the HTML slightly so that the responses are centered horizontally on the page in bold letters.  You should also increase the font size to size 5.

Forms (34 PTS) 3.  Create a form on a page called GetInfo.asp to get the following pieces of information from a student at Quinnipiac and feed it back to them on another webpage called YourReply.asp.

  • their student number
  • their school (use a list box)
  • whether they have interests in sports, e-commerce, music and/or movies.
  • whether they live on-campus or off-campus