The Check Out Confirmation Page


Introduction.  Now we need to develop one last ASP associated with the check out process.  This page will simply clear out everything in the session variables and give the shopper an order number.  The file will be called Confirmed.asp.  

The Confirmed.asp.  The following Confirmed.asp will 

  1. Display the order number.
  2. Thank the shopper.
  3. Clean out all of the session variables.
<%@ Language=VBScript %>
<!-- Confirmed.asp - Displays the order number and thanks the user -->
' Ensure an order id was returned
if session("idOrder") = "" then Response.Redirect "basket.asp"


<!-- #include file="include/header.asp" -->

Thank you for your order! Have fun grooving to the cool music 
you have ordered! <BR><BR>

<!-- Show the order ID returned from the database. -->
Your order number is <B><%=session("idOrder")%></b> for your reference.<BR>


' Clear the session so all data is lost. This way 
' we ensure that the old basket is not retrieved, etc.



<!-- #include file="include/footer.asp" -->



Considering our shortened time with the use of SQL Server we have one major thing left to develop for the shopper's experience.  The last few pages will relate to the Profile that each shopper needs to enhance their shopping experience.