A More Organized Approach for QUESBMI


Some More Background.  After Matt worked on this for some time and as he was learning more and more I ended up developing the database myself because QUESBMI wanted it before he could finish it.

After some deliberations I developed a form using Access that was linked to a table called faculty_interests.  The main page of the form looked like the following.




But we wanted to be able to get reports from our inputted data.  Thus, I developed a second form that helped the user generate reports.  You could navigate between these two forms by using a command button on each form.



I will not develop the data dictionary for the table that underlies these forms or the main entry form because I want you to do it in class.

Developing the queries and reports for this is something we will do quite a bit later in the term.

All the time I was doing this I was trying to communicate to the QUESBMI group the drawbacks of using Access.  But I was unable to get through.  There are plenty of reasons why a web database will work better in this situation and we will discuss these pretty soon.