A Report on Missoula Foodbank's Client's
Outside Sources of Income by Gender


Some Background.  We had the pretty involved form collecting quite a large variety of information on the clients of Missoula Foodbank.


If you want to duplicate my steps you can do it in this database or one of your own creation.  But you are going to want to name your QUERIES and REPORTS slightly differently than the names I've used so you do not overwrite those that already exist.  But all the other names should match as exactly as you can.  Or you can work in a copy of mfb_clients.mdb.

The last webpage worked with a summary query to develop a report that was useful, but it didn't take very full advantage of the features available in the report generation.  For lack of something better to do we will essentially duplicate the previous report but group data for contrast by gender.  But in this setting we won't need to use the query wizard to build an underlying query.  Why group by gender?  No particular reason other than it is something that people often consider as significant when trying to look at how someone gets paid or supported by bigger systems.

The first step requires us to use the clients table and select the following fields to be included in the report.

  • gender

  • public_cash_assistance

  • social_security

  • ssi

  • unemployment_comp

  • workmans_comp

  • va

  • school_grants

  • retirement_pension

These fields are the same as we selected in the previous webpage with the addition of gender.  This results in the next image at the first step of the wizard.



Then you click on the Next button and

choose to group by gender.

This is done by selecting gender in the left box and clicking on the > button to move it over for a grouping priority.  This will result in a wizard step form looking like the following.



Do not choose any sort order.  But you want to select the Summary Options and fill out the subform to look like the following.



This will give us
  • averages
  • minimum
  • maximum

for each field and both the details and the summary.  Though, it probably would be nicer to leave out the details even though there are only about 19 records/entries.

I selected a stepped and landscape layout, mostly due to the number of fields.  I also selected the formal style.

Then I saved this as




You can choose to go into design view and modify the layout somewhat.  Overall, I suspect this report would be much better without the details showing.