Forms for the Missoula Foodbank


The Client Form.  I will start with the client form for the Missoula Food Bank - MFB.  The forms that relate to the dependents of the head of household and their visits to the foodbank will be left for later.  These forms that reflect the one-to-many relationships between the client and their dependents and visits require us to first develop queries.

Access has many wizards that really can help when developing things like tables, forms and queries.  I made use of a wizard to develop the form and then modify it to get the following.

Client Form


Notice that this form could really be on multiple pages.  But MFB prefers having it all on a single page for data entry and accessibility.

You can construct this form and adjust its properties using either the design view or a wizard.  It takes some work to develop the formatting.  Though, the formatting can definitely be done in other ways.  But the overall layout of the form relates to the paper form.

Notice there are two command buttons to go to other forms that contain information about the dependents and the past visits.  It would be easy enough to include these forms as subforms on this much larger form.  But we will leave that to your experimentation.

You can download the current Missoula Food Bank database by clicking on the following link.