Homework One


Due Monday, November 27 at Midnight (normally would be due Friday, November 24 but this is Thanksgiving week.

20 PTS (A Database)  1.  Think about your own experience with databases.  This can be a database you have worked on or with.  Or it can be a database you have used.
  1. Describe the main purposes for developing this database
  2. Describe what sorts of information they are trying to collect
    1. be fairly specific about at least two of the entities and the tables these result in (to the best of your knowledge)
  3. How do you like the user interfaces?
    1. describe some strengths and weaknesses of the interfaces
  4. Describe some ways where you think they could improve on the overall DBMS.


40 PTS (Summer Camps)  2.  Consider the following form for summer camps for children offered by The Institute for Craftiness.


The Institute for Craftiness
Date of Birth:    
 Parent's Name:


  Camps Attending:   Cost
  Expressions in Acrylics
  Expressions in Clay
  Expressions in Oils
  Expressions in Watercolors
  Total Cost:


Create a database with appropriate table and fields. 
  • Call the database craft.mdb
  • Call the table attendees
  • Name the fields so that someone else will easily recognize the contents

You also need to create a form that reflects the data.

  • Create 7 entries in the attendees table that are reasonably realistic.



40 PTS (The Institute) 3.  For this problem you need to do some data modeling.  Consider The Institute for Craftiness that you started working on in the last problem.  But now you also need to consider that The Institute for Craftiness has memberships.  They cost
  • $25 per year for individuals
  • $15 per year for seniors
  • $15 per year for students
  • $40 per year for families

So you need to include both the data for memberships and for those attending summer camps.  You also need to ensure that the dates for membership are maintained so that it is apparent who is actually paid up and who should be getting renewal reminders.  At this point we will leave out any classes they offer (though if I can get it written up quickly enough I would like to include them) other than the summer camps.

What I want from you at this point is the entities - tables and their attributes - fields.  That is you should give me the data dictionaries for each table.  You do not need to create an E- R model for this homework.